What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a fast-growing alternative to cultivating produce and protein in cities. Aquaponics is a system of growing crops and fish together in a recirculating water system.

Aquaponics is a form of agriculture that combines raising fish in tanks in tandem with soilless plant culture. The nutrient-rich water produced by the fish provides a natural fertilizer for the plants, which in turn purify the water that circulates back to the fish tank. This ingenious system essentially mimics the dynamics of natural water bodies, but in a controlled environment, thus allowing for natural forces to perform functions that are usually fulfilled by chemical additives and labour-intensive intervention in conventional indoor agricultural systems. The chemical-free produce obtained from this resource-efficient system boasts the highest nutrient density of any agricultural discipline. In the face of our harsh climate and worsening ecological stability, we can confidently state that we have a truly win-win approach to achieving food security in the UAE and the wider region.

Why Aquaponics?

  • First and foremost, Aquaponics is the only modern farming system that produces pure food without any chemicals or herbal additives. This is because Aquaponics requires the creation of a self-sustaining ecosystem where the fishes and plants thrive on each other. Chemicals, herbicides, and other additives, if introduced into the system. offset this delicate natural balance.
  • Aquaponics, unlike Hydroponics or Aquaculture systems, conserves water. The water used in the system is recirculated throughout the life of the system unlike other systems where water has to be regularly topped up or flushed entirely.
  • Produces fresh fish unlike any fish caught in the open seas or fish grown with chemical additives in commercial Aquaculture farms. 

Ecosystem by Design

Merlin Aquaponic farms offer the most advanced and efficient growing system available in the market today. Our technology creates the best and highest yielding indoor environment for high-density cultivation engineered for easy operation, maximum efficiency and very low operational costs. Grow high quality, organic and fresh produce with unmatched taste and unique flavors in any environment in the world independently from location, climate, and time of the year.

A New Approach to Indoor Growing

Traditional Indoor growing systems often focus on recreating a specific set of conditions that lead to plant stress, undernourishment, and other unintended potential consequences which are handled in a reactive manner. All of these issues inhibit successful plant growth and lead to production losses from low quality and other plant problems.